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People who are looking for counseling must have gone through some form of shock in their past. It can be happened due to some issues that happened in their childhood or adult life such as physical or sexual abuse, parents’ divorce, get bullied at school or due to a sadness. Distress can be happened for many more cases such as diagnosis of cancer, road traffic accident and many more.

These distress are often honestly understandable and the client may well come for counseling as a result of facing one or more of these “big” traumas. Nevertheless after many other collective offering issues that clients bring are difficulties in relationships or depression, anxieties there are often shocks that have not been recognized. This may happen due to some difficult experiences at school where children get humiliated or also critical parenting. These painful experiences later on act as a shock which can affect our future life.

Trauma Counseling is a method through these distresses can be cured by several sessions taken by some professional or skilled persons in this field. When the session started with a distressed person, the first part of the work of the professionals is to recognize about the reason of shock. This procedure often includes an examination of their presenting problems so that patterns of behavior can be recognized which later on subsidize to the problem. This procedure offers the leads to recognize where these patterns originated and where did the client get into trauma. For example if a person are having problems with his partner at work: the first examination may lead to an understanding that he or she must be experiencing being bully in the work, in this situation these persons are often at school too. In this condition the professional will help the person to identify the problem and help them to respond to the situation based on the old shock and this can help them to deal with current situation too.

But sometimes this approach is not sufficient in every single case of shocks because the effects of the past disturbance are very widespread or particularly devastating. In this condition the effort might then involve using an approach such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing or EMDR. This is a very powerful procedure that uses eye movements or other forms of bi lateral motivation to facilitate the body’s natural processing capacity. It assists by eliminating the emotional connection between the disturbance and present activates. This releases the person to find new methods of dealing with their problems so that they can live their lives free of the past.


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