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Could stress be making my headches worse?

Research shows that stress is a factor in both tension and migraine headaches.Chemicals in the brain are released during episodes of stress that result in blood vessel changes contributing to migraine headaches.

Both periodic and chronic tension headaches can be set off by stress. It is wise to have one’s physician check for physical sources of headaches.If ongoing job stress, relationship conflict, significant losses or other life circumstances are resulting in frequent tension headaches, stress management, counseling and/or biofeedback are often helpful.

Asked: 08th March, 12 | Answered: 10th March, 12


If we fight, does that mean we are an unhappy, maybe even unloving couple?

No.All couples disagree, and conflict is unavoidable in relationships. How couples handle conflict distinguishes happy from unhappy couples.Loving couples keep their disagreements from turning into nasty, win/lose battles.

Ignoring or avoiding disagreements does not make them disappear, rather it lets them grow beneath the surface. A major skill in healthy conflict resolution is expressing what one feels, not what one thinks and doing this without projecting blame on one’s spouse.

Asked: 12th March, 12 | Answered: 12th March, 12

My wife and I divorced 5 months ago and my friends are pushing me to start seriously dating, but I don’t feel ready. Should I follow their advice/

No matter how smoothly your divorce may have gone, or how conflictual your marriage was, divorce is always a major loss which requires grieving in order to be ready for a new relationship.

It is also important to understand what happened in your marriage, including how you chose your partner, and how your attitudes and behaviors contributed tob the divorce. Unless you both grieve and develop this understanding, research as well as my clinical experience, indicate you will repeat the patterns of your previous marriage.

Asked: 14th March, 12 | Answered: 14th March, 12

I have been depressed for several months since not getting a job promotion. Should I ask my doctor about getting anti-depressant medication?

Anti-depressant medication may elevate your mood so you feel more like participating in activities and your job as well as relating to others. In addition, counseling can help you understand what triggers your depression and how you can cope with disappointment without getting depressed.

It is normal to feel sad when things you hoped for do not occur, but when sadness changes to dwelling on negative thoughts, self blame, and/or a desire to withdraw, ounseling can help you understand yourself and develop life enhancing attitudes and behaviors.

Asked: 15th March, 12 | Answered: 15th March, 12

Having had one panic attack, will I now have more and is there help to overcome them?

You may have more panic attacks, but you may not. There are medications which help reduce the feelings of intense fear which accompany panic attacks and counseling can help along with medication. Although it seems as if the panic attack appears out of nowhere, there are triggers which one is not aware of in the midst of the attack. Counseling can help you figure out what the triggers are and help you react constructively to the triggers instead of developing the intense fear and physical symptoms that accompany panic attacks. It is advisable to have your physician check the condition of your health so that you can get appropriate treatment for any physical ailments as well as prevent ongoing worry that there may be something physically wrong with you that is not being treated.

Asked: 17th March, 12 | Answered: 17th March, 12

Are yuor office hours limited to day time hours?

No. I also have early morning as well as evening hours. My goal is to find a time that works for clients as well as my own schedule.

Asked: 21st March, 12 | Answered: 21st March, 12

We are having marital problems and my husband does not want to go to counseling. What advice can you give me.

I would suggest that you come to counseling without pressuring your husband to come. Your husband may be afraid he will be blamed for the marital problems, have a hard time expressing his feelings or feel embarrassed about the situation or have other reasons making him resistant to counseling. In my clinical experience if one member of the couple makes positive changes, the relationship improves. Approached in a non-judgmental way and by observing you willing to assume responsibility for your contribution to the marital problems, it is much more likely that your husband will participate in counseling. However, many times I have worked with only one member of the couple with resulting positive changes in the other. I like to have both involve themselves since hearing both express themselves is very helpful, but that is not always possible.

Asked: 23rd March, 12 | Answered: 23rd March, 12

Do you offer counseling for personal growth as well as for specific problems?

Yes I do. Some people enter counseling mainly to relieve symptoms which is a positive, but others seek better understanding of themselves and their relationships and the ability to enrich their lives as well as the lives of those with whom they live and interact.

Asked: 30th March, 12 | Answered: 30th March, 12

What are some of the biggest marital problems?

Although one might think that conflicts around money and sex are the biggest problems, this is not quite so. These are symptoms of difficulty connecting on a feeling level, the need to be in control and difficulty articulating one’s needs.

Asked: 16th April, 12 | Answered: 16th April, 12

Do you treat Borderline Personality Disorder and/or off DBT therapy?

Yes, I do treat Borderline personality disorder. I am familiar with DBT as well as other theoretical approaches.

Asked: 18th May, 12 | Answered: 18th May, 12

Is medication recommended for everyone seeking counseling for depression.?

Asked: 22nd September, 12 | Answered: 23rd September, 12

hi dr.beth, i am phd student in iran. i need study about contexual therapy. can you help me? hand book or ppt or ebook about this therapy.i need to your cources.

In answer to your question, I refer you to a book written by the developer of contextual therapy The book is Foundations of Contextual Therapy by Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy.

Asked: 14th October, 12 | Answered: 14th October, 12

Is medication recommended for everyone seeking counseling for depression.?

The decision to recommend medication for a person with depression is based on careful assessment of the intensity of the depression, the characteristics of the depressed person, the support system of the depressed person, the length of time the person has felt depressed and input from the person experiencing depression. I have effectively treated depressed individuals who wanted psychotherapy without also taking medication for their depression. In other situations, I have referred clients for medication evaluation in addition to providing psychotherapy.

Asked: 23rd September, 12 | Answered: 14th October, 12

Do you ever incorporate mindfulness/meditation practices in your approach to helping individuals cope with grief and loss? Do you have a background in these types of practices yourself?

Yes, I do incorporate mindfulness/meditation in grief and loss work. I have taken several courses in mindfulness and continue to do so

Asked: 25th November, 12 | Answered: 27th November, 12

Dr. Beth, I would like to persue hormone replacement therapy for gender reassignment. Do you counsel individuals in that area?

No, I do not offer counseling for what you are asking.

Asked: 30th January, 13 | Answered: 30th January, 13

Do you do evening sessions?Or weekend sessions?

Yes. I do evening sessions.
Asked: 18th March, 13 | Answered: 18th March, 13

Do I have to join AA if I want to maitain sobriety?

This is a frequently asked question.To maintain sobriety it is essential that you understand your substance abuse patterns, understand what needs you are trying to meet with substance abuse, and learn and practice constructive coping behaviors.To make these changes, positive support such as AA is helpful.

However, some people find that other sources of support work better for them than AA. It is my clinical experience that professional therapy along with positive support are effective means of maintaining sobriety.

Asked: 16th July, 13 | Answered: 16th July, 13

Do you provide pet/animal assisted therapy?

I work primarily with individuals, couples and families. If you have issues relating to your pet/animal, I offer help for that, but I do not offer pet/animal training.