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Dr. Beth Reimel

Dr. Beth Reimel
Known for her warmth, Dr. Beth Reimel stands out among top West Michigan therapists in counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, families and groups.

Dr. Beth, as she prefers to be called, has developed an area-wide reputation as an astute and perceptive listener who quickly grasps her clients' needs and concerns. Dr. Beth connects so well with clients she is confident she can help men, women and groups quickly and efficiently. To prove her ability, she offers a complimentary introductory half-hour consultation:

I haven't been that well understood in years..
Client after first half-hour consultation

"Dr. Beth Reimel is an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, caring, effective counselor and therapist."
Barbara Hohman, Development Director, Senior Neighbors

Many in the profession have recognized her exceptional talent for helping others. She distinguished herself early in her career when she was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health, earned postgraduate training at Georgetown University and received a coveted opportunity to study in Switzerland under world-renowned psychiatrist Ivan Boszormenyl-Nagy. Dr. Beth Reimel

Dr. Beth considers her approachability as important as her considerable credentials. She has a wonderful sense of humor which helps disarm challenging situations in group, couple and family therapy. She creates trust through flexibility and a firm desire to remain neutral. Dr. Beth has also demonstrated her flexibility by allowing a dog in private sessions to help create a more relaxed environment for young clients.

When not helping others, Dr. Beth enjoys antiquing, classical music, travel, and spending time with her beloved canine companion, Ivan.

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Psychotherapy is the process
of nonjudgmental listening; whose
aim is to help people have reasonable
expectations of themselves and others.
This involves looking at what is of
concern to the person with the hope of
bringing reasonable resolution to those
concerns and helping them feel better
about themselves and others.